The dual degree programs have started in 2003 and Istanbul Technical University was one of the first universities to launch these programs with leading partner universities in the USA.

Students of Dual Diploma Programs, on the one hand take an outstanding and qualified education from distinguish academic staff of both universities, on the other hand students spend their academic life in the leading USA universities and develop their social and academic knowledge. Thus, alumni of Dual Diploma Programs have accredited dual diplomas in international arena and they represent İTÜ in their academic and professional lives in the best possible way.

İTÜ Dual Diploma Programs offer our students a multi-cultural and unique education experience which prepare the students for globalization of the world. Studying 100% English at İTÜ and living on a campus in the USA, DDP students have the best opportunity to improve their English skills. Upon completing the degree, students may join OPT (Optional Practical Training) program and start their professional lives in the USA.

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