Residence Permit

All international students are required to apply for residence permit following the enrollment at İTÜ.

Residence permit is a legal document, which indicates that you are a legal resident in Turkey.  The provincial directorate of migration management issues this document. 

Please follow the steps below for residence permit application:

  2. Fill out sections marked in red.
  3. Choose date for appointment.
  4. Use address information below for delivery of your residence permit:


    Province: İstanbul

    District: Sarıyer

    District/Village: Reşitpaşa

    Mainroad: Katar Cad.

    Apartment: 2/1

    Section: you may choose anyone


  5. Print out your application and sign
  6. With your print-out and student certificate, you are required to go to the Tax Office to apply for your tax number where you can also pay your residence permit card fee. Please keep your receipt for further reference.

    You may go to any Tax Office however you are advised to go to the Mecidiyeköy Tax Office.

  7. Once you have completed the above steps, you will be notified to submit documents regarding your application to the relevant office at İTÜ. The dates of submission will be announced at a later time to the students’ İTÜ e-mail addresses. The information will also be available on Student Registrar’s website.
  • Passport
  • Passport copies of the photo page, first page, visa and entry stamp pages
  • Printed Residence Application Form
  • 4 biometric photos (must be taken within last six months and with white background)
  • Student Certificate obtained from Student Registrar’s Office
  • Statement of Income (

    Please print the application form and sign

  • Statement of Insurance (

    Please print the application form and sign

  • Declare and Accept declarations document  find at
    Please print the application form and sign

  • Receipt of Residence Permit Card Fee



  1. Although you will need a minimum 60 days on your valid passport, you will only be given a 60-day residence. For this reason, you are advised to renew your passport before your arrival to Turkey. If you change your passport during your time in Turkey, it is necessary to re-apply for a new residence permit.
  2. Documents provided by all students from their country with the aim of applying for a residence permit in Turkey are required to be with Apostille or to be approved by the consulate of your country in Turkey. If you present the documents issued in your country with Apostille, you need to have it translated and notarized. However, if you present the document without Apostille, you are required to have the document approved by the Embassy or the Consulate of your country in Turkey.
  3. You are required to have a passport or a travel document valid at least 60 (sixty) days beyond the duration of the requested residence permit.
  4. Additional necessary documents if you are under the age of 18 you are required to provide the documents below:


    1. Letter of Consent: You are required to have the permission of your parents to study and reside in Turkey and therefore it is required to hold a letter of consent issued by competent authorities in your country.
    2. Birth certificate
  5. If you already have a valid residence permit and wish to extend it, you are required to enter the website of the Immigration Office and choose “I Apply For The Extension of The Duration of Residence Permit”. You are required to apply in person with all necessary documents at the Immigration Office.

For further information and inquiries, please contact:

The Immigration Office

İTÜ Student Registrar’s Office