Life at İTÜ

Sports Center

İTÜ gives all staff and students a big opportunity to live in touch with various kinds of sports. It provides you with doing both individual sports and team sports from yoga to swimming, from volleyball to aikido with indoor and outdoor sport facilities. All year round, various training and tournaments are held in many areas of sports, which gives İTÜ sportspersons a chance to represent our country in national or international arenas.

At İTÜ, there are 11 sports facilities, of which 5 at Ayazağa Campus, 3 at Gümüşsuyu Campus, 1 at Maçka Campus and 2 at Tuzla Campus. İTÜ has nearly 20.000 m2 indoor and 24,000 m2 outdoor sports facilities totalling approximately 45,000 m2 field for sports.

At Ayazağa Campus, there are 15,630 m2 indoor 21,150m2 outdoor sports halls, and 3,100 m2 indoor area, consisting of basketball, volleyball, badminton, korfball, and handball courts, fencing hall and table-tennis. Spectator capacity is 3,500 person. In addition, there is a fitness center, where you can also benefit from studios for yoga, pilates and aerobics. Moreover, Ayazağa Campus has well-equipped 5 outdoor tennis courts certified by the International Tennis Federation.

Olympic indoor swimming pool is also another big opportunity for both staff and students, also offering swimming and water polo courses. National and international swimming and water polo competitions are hosted.

Ayazağa Campus Stadium with 5100 spectator capacity offers opportunity to hold various sports competitions, concerts and various events. At the stadium, there is tartan truck surface, 2 football astro pitches and 2 outdoor basketball courts. There are suitable surfaces for beach soccer, beach volleyball and beach handball.

Spot facilities, at Ayazağa Campus, also host the championship games held by the Turkish University Sports Federation.

At Gümüşsuyu Campus, there is 1,500 m2 indoor and 2,400 m2 outdoor sports halls including 1 astro pitch and 1 tennis court. Indoor sports hall provides staff and students with playing basketball, volleyball, table tennis and also taking dance lessons.

In Tuzla Campus, there is 2,800 m2 indoor sports hall consisting of training pool, Ruhi Sarıalp fitness center.

In Maçka Campus, there is 30 m2 indoor sports center including a fitness center.

Student Clubs

Student Clubs at İTÜ play important roles in students’ social life. There are nearly over 200 student clubs in different categories such as academy, science, technology, art, sports, field of social responsibility, profession and career. Student clubs carry out various national and international activities that are supported and are considered important by the Rectorate. Students are encouraged to increase the number of student clubs that allow different disciplines to work together.

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Dining Facilities

At İTÜ, there are separate academic and student dining halls at each campus, of which approximately 15000 students benefit. All calories are calculated in accordance with the required daily calorie intake by the departments of Food Engineering and Environment Engineering. Regular health check at the dining halls are in place.

Additionally, there are various cafes and restaurants located on the Ayazağa Campus to suit all budgets.

As a social responsibility project, the FanFan Café, which is the first university café in Turkey that has staff employed with Down syndrome, was established during 2013-2014 academic year.

Green Campus

Green Campus project, started in the year of 2013, opens up an opportunity to preserve natural habitat and biodiversity at Ayazağa campus in which there is 650.000 m2 field of forest, 40.000 m2 green space and 20.000 m2 lake. İTÜ has 25m2 green area per person. Amongst 619 universities in the world, İTÜ was ranked 77th in the Green Metric ranking system in 2017. Ayazağa Campus has walking trail and bicycle road in order to reduce vehicular traffic and carbon emission. İTÜ provides staff and students with cycling paths, bicycle-renting stations and bike stands to encourage the use of bicycles. Additionally, sorting and recycling domestic and dangerous waste is another priority for İTÜ within the scope of Green Campus perception. By attaching great importance to animals and living creatures at all campuses, İTÜ is intertwined with nature. The scenic beauty enriched with landscaping makes spending time at campus more enjoyable. Besides, our campus is disabled-friendly.