Ayazağa campus is the main campus located in the Maslak area, nearby Istanbul’s new work and trade center. This campus houses the rectorate building and management offices in addition to 8 of the 13 faculties and 4 of the 5 Institutes on 1.600.000 m2 of land.  The Mustafa İnan Central Library, Central Lecture Hall buildings, Cultural and Art Association and 75. Yıl Student Social Center are the most intense living space found on this campus.  The dormitories on campus are as follows; The Gölet Dorms consist of 12 blocks with a capacity of 576, the Vadi Dorms consist of 4 blocks with a capacity of 1424, the Ayazağa Female student dorms consist of 3 blocks with a capacity of 384 and the Arı, Gök and Verda Üründül Dorms consist of 3 blocks with a total capacity of 220.  There are 9 various Arı Techno parks, an Arı Motor Vehicle Center and İTÜ KOSGEB established for entrepreneurship and innovation studies.   Additionally, there is a Mediko medical center, a 5100 capacity stadium, various cafes and an artificial lake.

    Faculties located at the Ayazağa Campus:
    Faculty of Computer and Informatics
    Faculty of Electrical - Electronics
    Faculty of Science and Letters  
    Faculty of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
    Faculty of Civil Engineering
    Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
    Faculty of Mines
    Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics



    Taşkışla Campus was built as a hospital for Mekteb-i Tibbiye-i Şahane, which translates to Military Medicine, between the years 1846-1852 by the English Architect William James Smith and his assistant, the Ottoman Master-Builder İstefan. The campus, used as a military base in 1860, was then passed over to Maarif (Ministry of Education) after the Republic was formed in 1923.  However, in 1950, the İTÜ Rectorate, the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Civil Engineering was established, thus allowing education to commence. It is situated on 52.252 m2 of land.

    Taşkışla Campus houses the Faculty of Architecture, with its Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Fine Arts and Continuing Education Center, in addition to the Faculty of Architecture library and dining hall. This city campus, which also houses the offices of İTÜ Development Foundation and the City Rectorate office, attracts people’s attention with its splendid building. There is a cable car between the Maçka and Taşkışla Campuses.

    Faculty located at the Taşkışla Campus:
    Faculty of Architecture



    Education at the Maçka Campus, which was built as police station in the Ottoman Empire Era, commenced in the 1970s and is situated on 63.009m2 of land. This city campus houses the Faculty of Management, School of Foreign Languages, Turkish Music Conservatory, Central Libraries for Advanced Studies in Music and the School of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Management Library, Turkish Music Conservatory Library, İTÜFoundation offices, İTÜ social facilities, and dining hall. There is a cable car between the Maçka and Taşkışla Campuses.

    Faculties located at the Maçka Campus:
    Faculty of Management
    School of foreign Languages
    Turkish Music Conservatory



    The Gümüşsuyu campus, along with the Taşkışla campus are located in the Taksim area, the most significant trade and cultural center in Istanbul since the 19th Century.  The campus is situated on 42.660 m2 of land and houses the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design, Ratip Berker Library, closed sports hall, open sports areas, dining hall, female and male student dorms.

    Faculties located at the Gumüşsuyu Campus:
    Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
    Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design



    Education commenced in 1992 with the establishment of the İTÜ Maritime Faculty.  The campus is situated on 66.142 m2 of land. As a city campus, it houses the Maritime Faculty, Maritime Faculty Library and real maneuvering boats rather than simulations, a 25 capacity survival-at-sea laboratory, (?) an indoor training and swimming pool, with 33 meter in height and 17 meters in width, the largest pool with a wave simulation function in Turkey.  The campus also houses a dining hall and a dormitory.

    Faculties located at the Tuzla Campus:
    Maritime Faculty