Mar 2020
ITU Ranks First in 5 Subjects in Turkey

ISTANBUL- 2020 According to the results of QS Subject Rankings, Istanbul Technical University (ITU) rose 38 places compared to 2019 in engineering and technology, rising to 218th place. Raising the bar of success, ITU became first among universities in Turkey in the areas of “Architecture and the Built Environment, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Earth and Marine Sciences, Environmental Sciences”. ITU took the second place in 8 out of 14 areas in which it was ranked.

While taking place among the top 50 in the world rankings in the field of Mineral and Mining Engineering, ITU has also ranked among the top 150 universities in the world in the field of Construction and Building.

“Earth and Marine Sciences” is the area in which ITU listed in the band of 151-200 as the only university from Turkey. Evaluating the success of ITU, Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca quoted; “The success of Istanbul Technical University in the QS rankings by climbing to the top in 5 areas made us very proud, especially in these days when we need more good news. I congratulate our academic staff who have achieved many scientific achievements both in the world and in our country. Ranking results are an indication that we conduct qualified research with the world's leading researchers and faculty members of ITU and that we are pioneers and an exemplary by disseminating the information produced. Our goal is to raise the bar, climb the ladder of rankings and mark the name of our country to the top 100. We will continue to work in line with our targets by further strengthening our infrastructure and performance.”

ITU is on the rise in QS rankings 

As a technical university, ITU maintains its increasing momentum in the fields of “Engineering and Technology” and “Fundamental Sciences”. ITU is ranked 218th in the field of Engineering and Technology according to the data consisting of 22 million articles and nearly 200 million citations. Among the research universities defined by YÖK, 3 universities were listed in this field. Ranked 324th in the field of Fundamental Sciences, ITU is in the top 150 in the world ranking in the field of Construction and Building, and in the top 200 in the fields of Architecture-Built Environment, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Aircraft Production Engineering, Electrical-Electronics Engineering and Earth and Marine Sciences.

Amongst the research universities in Turkey, ITU ranked the top university in the rankings in the fields of Architecture and the Built Environment, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Earth and Marine Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Materials Science, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical-Aeronautics-Manufacturing Engineering and Materials Sciences. In addition, ITU took second place in Engineering and Technology, Fundamental Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, Business and Management Studies, Mathematics, Mineral and Mining Engineering.