Ayazağa is the World’s Greenest 67th Campus

by İTÜ | Jan 28, 2019
According to UI GreenMetric, which evaluates distinguished universities in terms of green space ratio and sustainability, we have risen 10 places this year to be ranked the 67th greenest campus

According to UI GreenMetric, which evaluates distinguished universities in terms of green space ratio and sustainability, we have risen 10 places this year to be ranked the 67th greenest campus 

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The green campus studies, which commenced with the aim to respect the environment, sustainability, focused on recycle and energy saving and a bicycle friendly campus life, is continuing to rise in the international field. While on one hand our university is producing the necessary science and technology for a sustainable future, it is on the other hand setting an example to society with its eco-friendly campuses through raising quality of life. At UI GreenMetric, where we still hold the title as being the first and only university from Turkey to be amongst the first 100, we have risen 10 places and now rank 67th as opposed to 77th last year.

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UI GreenMetric evaluates university campuses within the fields of infrastructure, energy, climate change, recycling, water resources, transportation and education.  The success of our Ayazağa Campus can be better understood when the number of universities ranked this year is taken under consideration, which has risen from 619 to 719 this year. UI GreenMetric highly acknowledges the environmentalist attributes of campuses when ranking.

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Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca: “We are proud to have Turkey experience this happiness.”

Our Rector’s remarks regarding the green campus ranking success: “İTÜ has continued its success in its second year with an increase in the IU GreenMetric rankings.  Our campus, which has ranked from 77th to 67th in the world has risen to 32nd place from 37th in Europe and has held its own as being ranked first place in Turkey.  These rankings we have received have brought with it larger responsibilities.  We are with the knowledge that we need to work harder and obtain much bigger successes after the happiness and excitement we have let Turkey sustain with our pioneering identity. As İTÜ, our goal as of now is to carry our rank upwards while bringing all our campuses to be an example of sustainable living areas. Being ranked is a tool; our ultimate aim is to make possible a happy livable environment.  I thank all İTÜ members and to all those who have contributed.”

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Prof. Dr. Tayfun Kındap: “Green Campus is a transformation model which can be an example for Istanbul.”

As head of Green Campus studies; Vice Rector Tayfun Kindap, who carries out scientific studies on atmospherical modelling, climate change and air quality stated that he was happy about the rise of last year’s position.  

Kındap also said: “At İTÜ, on one hand we are working on green campus studies and on the other we are working on the parameters and criterion used in the GreenMetric rankings, in addition to developing a method on how to convert them in accordance with sustainability principles of a certain area in Istanbul.  İTÜ campus is a living space spread over approximately 250 hector of land and answers to ten thousands of people with many different daily routines.  It is made up of many components, such as classrooms, laboratories, social facilities, technoparks, eating-drinking and sports areas. Our campus can actually be seen as a city model as it is a campus alive 24 hours.  Hence, our unobstructed and accessible environment design, reduction of carbon emission, increase of qualitative areas, management of waste and the decisions made for the correct use of water resources are also models of how it should be for systems of a larger scale.  As a door which opens to Maslak’s qualitative environment, our goal is to improve our current situation and aim for the future.”

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A greener, environmental and sustainable campus life

Prof. Dr. Yasin Çağatay Seçkin, İTÜ Building Operations Office Coordinator, is among those who shares a comment on this pleasant development.  Seçkin remarks on significant notes regarding the rise in rankings and the continued green campus efforts.  We had gained the first Turkish university title by ranking 77th out of 100, amongst a total of 619 universities.  Since last year’s success, we have gladly with more desire carried out studies on how we can develop ourselves further on the headings of the evaluation system.  We planned out a route together in collaboration with our establishment experts on infrastructure, energy, and recycling, effective use of water resources, transportation and education.  We tried to carry out the studies outlined in the planned route within the budget and opportunities provided.  We believe we have received positive results from these studies by advances 10 places, despite the rise in the number of participants.  Our rise in the IU GreenMetric rankings has provided a great moral to goal to become a greener, environmentalist, and more sustainable campus.